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THE CLONE & CO. means the celebration of "Creation," a homage  to God and the creative man. Our brand conveys, through smell, the feeling of freedom, the pursuit of happiness, what the human being wants and can be. We believe in this more primitive sense of the human being to carry our essence.

"Omnia Vincit Amor et nos cedamus amori" is the DNA of THE CLONE & CO.,  the message that inspires us and we want to spread through our products. It symbolizes that "Love conquers all, let us all yield to love".

We are the first creative  micro-perfumery in Brazil with the promise of  a100% beauty brand in digital , always tuned in the international trends that dazzle consumers.

The concept of creative micro-perfumary includes a new way of seeing the manufacturing processes of a perfume, simplifying each stage, with a look at the excellence of the product and another to the needs of the Brazilian consumer. Our goal?  Offer premium products at spectacular prices in a fully digital environment.

With that challenge in mind, THE CLONE & CO. adopted the omnicanal strategy, a way to make the consumer experience with our products closer. Therefore, in addition to our e-commerce, soon, you will be impacted by the brand's pop pup stores in various regions of the country. Moreover, you can find our products in several Marketplaces already known to consumers.

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THE CLONE & CO. has a team specialized in establishing good  relationship and partnership with the main influencers focused on the olfactory experiences  as well as the beauty market. If you are an influencer, please contact:

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